USCA offers the opportunity to provide feedback on proposals submitted by members that could affect competitions, earning honors and awards and other membership items. Posting of the proposals does not indicate they have been approved/disapproved or that USCA Staff or Board Members endorse(s) the proposal(s). The steps for consideration are outlined in the USCA Rules and Procedures Handbook.

USCA has selected the following proposals for potential feedback. In order to provide feedback, the individual must be a USCA member, be in good standing, and use his/her given name. If the individual is a student, he/she must identify a university email address to submit feedback. The comments must not be of the nature of personal attacks or derogatory. USCA may post selected comments on the USCA website. All comments will be provided to the USCA Staff and Board as part of the consideration process.

If you or your club would like to submit a proposal for review and consideration, please see the Rules and Procedures handbook for guidelines.

To submit a new proposal, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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